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Simple Guidance for You in Language Learning

I assume you’re reading this because you want to learn the English language. And specifically, you want to know how to learn or how you can make fast progress to English fluency.

Unfortunately, most learners are frustrated. They don’t feel like they’re meeting their English fluency goals. And this is not a good feeling.

Therefore, this article acts to show you how to best learn English. And yes, it is tailored specifically for you as everyone else is different. We all have our strengths and weaknesses and the reasons for learning the language differ from one person to the other.

Continue reading and find out how to learn English so that you can comfortably speak with confidence.

  1. Be Patient

Yes, you’ve decided to learn the English language, but be patient. It takes time, dedication, and hard work to become fluent in English. Therefore, don’t expect to read some English, go to bed, and wake up fluent.

Learning a language takes time. Therefore, set realistic goals and dedicate some minutes or hours to learn the language every day. For instance, upwards of thirty minutes daily is okay.

  1. Think Like a Child

Yes, this may sound stupid to you, but using English resources for kids is the best way to learn a language. The children’s movies, books, and TV shows are pretty basic. When an English-speaking child learns for the first time, they follow through the same steps. It all starts with basic sounds and vocabulary.

Using children’s books and movies alongside your self-study learning materials helps you better understand the subject. But why? Well, there are very few things that you’ll not understand thus boosting your confidence. Nothing is exhilarating than understanding something in a new language.

  1. Listen to Anything and Everything

Among the best things about learning English is that nearly everything on the planet is in English. This allows you to connect with the language every day.

Think about it, when kids learn their mother tongue, they don’t do it by reading or writing. Instead, they pick words from conversations around them – their siblings, parents, or favorite cartoon. At first, they understand nothing, but as time passes they acquire more and more vocabulary. The vocabularies turn into phrases that turn to sentences which allows them to hold and understand simple sentences.

Therefore, surround yourself with English. Have a radio or TV broadcasting in English in the background. Watch English shows or learn with native podcasts or listen to conversations of people speaking in English. Soon after, you too will make a conversation in English.

  1. Read Everything You Can Get Your Hands-On

Classic paperbacks, literature, emails, websites, newspapers, and social media feed. If it’s in English, read it. Why? The content will be full of new vocabulary and a fair amount that you already know. With this, you can improve quickly as re-exposure gives you new examples in context.


English is a fun language to learn. Yes, learning English may seem like an impossible task, but with the right strategy and determination, it is.

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